The New Normal in Recruitment

As companies struggle to adapt to the new realities of remote work, social distancing, and economic uncertainties, they must also rethink their recruitment strategies to attract and retain top talent in a highly competitive labour market. In my blog, we will explore the new normal in recruitment, the challenges employers face, best practices for recruiting in the post-pandemic world, and strategies for success.

Challenges in Recruitment
The pandemic has created a host of challenges for businesses, such as decreased hiring budgets, reduced staffing levels, logistical difficulties in conducting interviews, and limited access to job seekers. Additionally, with the rise of remote work and virtual communication, employers must find new ways to engage with and evaluate candidates from a distance.

Best Practice Recommendations
Some of these best practices which can be used is leveraging technology to streamline recruitment processes, investing in employee training and development, and improving communication and engagement with candidates. Additionally, businesses should focus on building diverse and inclusive teams that reflect the changing demographics of the workforce.

Strategies for Recruitment Success
Businesses can promote their employer brand by showcasing their culture and values. You can cultivate a positive candidate experience throughout the recruitment process, and leverage talent market analytics to identify areas of high demand and scarcity in the talent pool. Additionally, businesses should focus on building partnerships with relevant associations and groups to enhance their recruiting reach and brand recognition.

The Future of Recruitment
As the pandemic continues to evolve, the recruitment landscape will continue to shift, requiring businesses to adapt and innovate. Some of the trends that we are seeing now is more remote hiring and recruitment practices, increased use of artificial intelligence and recruitment automation and growing emphasis on skills-based hiring that prioritises candidates’ talents and abilities over traditional credentials.

There are opportunities for companies to thrive in this new normal by embracing best practices, strategies for success and innovation. By leveraging technology, prioritising diversity and inclusion, and continuously improving their recruitment practices, companies can position themselves as leaders within the marketplace.

Do you fall into will ‘recruit-now-catch-up-later’ category or is your business embracing the new normal?

Thank you for reading our blog post, HRCheck xo

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