The Power of Sport and Business Mix: Finding Your Next Leader

Leaders have the ability to elevate their teams to success, and finding the right ones should be a top priority for companies. While traditional recruitment tactics may work, companies are beginning to consider a more unique approach: mixing sport and business.

Engaging in sporting activities can unveil a person’s leadership skills in ways that a job interview cannot, and businesses have taken notice. But is this method really effective? In this blog post, we’ll explore the power of mixing sport and business in finding your next leader.

Leadership Qualities Shown in Sports
There are several key leadership qualities found in successful athletes and coaches alike. These qualities include perseverance, teamwork, communication, dedication, and goal-setting. These characteristics can be directly applied to the business world and are highly valued by employers. By participating in leadership-related activities within sports, individuals can showcase their ability to lead and work with others towards a common goal. Employers can observe how they interact with others and their problem-solving skills, which can be indicative of their performance in a work environment.

A Competitive Spirit
Sports can significantly enhance a person’s competitive spirit. The nature of sports creates highly competitive environments where athletes are constantly striving to improve, and eventually, to win. Employees with competitive spirits tend to be highly motivated, driven, and will push themselves beyond their limits to achieve success. This can be a valuable trait for leaders in the business world, as they must constantly be striving to exceed their goals and expectations.

Building Relationships and Networking
Sports can create networking opportunities, where athletes can connect with individuals outside of their immediate circle. Through sports, relationships can be formed, and these can translate to the corporate world through effective networking. Relationships with other athletes, coaches, and fans can be utilised for future business ventures, create lasting friendships, and provide a sense of community. The ability to network and establish meaningful relationships is a valuable quality in the business world, and sports can help individuals develop this skill.

Stress Management
Sports require both physical and mental toughness, and athletes can learn effective stress management techniques. Leaders in the business world face high-pressure situations and deadlines, and must develop strategies to manage stress productively. Sports can train an individual’s ability to remain composed in high-pressure situations, which can be transferred to the business world. The ability to handle stress effectively is a key quality in leadership and can be developed through athletics.

Diversity and Inclusion
Sports can be a unique platform to learn about cultural differences and promote inclusivity. Hosting matches against different teams, attending competitions, and interacting with various athletes can expose individuals to different perspectives, cultures, lifestyles, and backgrounds. This exposure can help individuals develop a sense of empathy and respect for diverse cultures, which is critical in business today.

Sport & Business is a Powerful Combination
Engaging in sport especially at an elite level can serve as a platform to develop strong leadership skills and showcase an individual’s potential as a leader. Athletes or Coaches with the above leadership qualities may be more equipped to excel in the business world than their non-sporting counterparts. Mixing sports and business can encourage diversity and inclusion, create focused networking opportunities, and establish effective stress management techniques, all of which are highly sought after qualities in leaders.

Is it time for you to consider mixing sport and business to find your next leader?

Thank you for reading our blog post, HRCheck xo

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